1 May 2013

The Society for Women in Philosophy (SWIP) is an international organisation for all women working in philosophy, and we're looking to start an SWIP group for the UoE!

 We're incredibly lucky at Essex in the Philosophy Department because it's such a supportive place and the people are very enlightened, but philosophy is still very male dominated and this group will function primarily to raise awareness of this and act as a supportive network for self-defining women at all stages of their philosophical endeavours.

 We'll be working towards hosting a wide range of events, such as reading groups, discussions on experiences of women in philosophy (which will be hosted in a women-only space), inviting well-known women in philosophy to give seminars for the Department, and perhaps also work towards hosting a mini-course on feminism and building towards a conference next year.

We encourage all women in the Philosophy Department, no matter what their position or stage of study, to join us at our meetings and get involved. Unless otherwise specified (such as with certain discussion groups), our events will be open to all.

Check out the official SWIP website at http://www.swipuk.org/ for more information.

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