24 January 2014

SWIP Art Meetings

Hello everyone,

Art and philosophy are often engaged in similar tasks: asking questions, seeking answers and exploring possibilities. At Essex, those working on art and philosophy are uniquely placed to inform each others' endeavours, and in this spirit, we would like to invite ideas from you on the possibility of holding some informal SWIP art discussion meetings. The goal of these meetings is very broad: to explore a variety of art forms as a means of thinking about feminism and/or philosophy.

Nothing is decided yet about the format of these meetings, so any suggestions are welcome: presentations of movies, plays, performances, paintings, works of literature, pieces of music (or just anything that is art from your point of view). Art has no limits, so feel free to make your presentation in any way you like.

Anyone interested in making a presentation, or with any ideas about these meetings more generally, just send me a quick email (ksiosy@essex.ac.uk) and we will discuss your suggestion together.

Thank you for your time.

Have a wonderful day,

Kristina Siosyte